Sunday, October 23, 2011

Create Profile Banner in Google Plus

This tutorial, the goal may be as a complement to your profile page so that it becomes more colorful when viewed by others. Although as a complement. but fungsion this banner for me is very advantageous because by means of this banner that I can advertise my website. To create a profile banner at Google Plus is easy but it takes a little creativity to the banner maker. Because to make this banner we must meet several requirements, namely:

1. Image size must be 750 x 150 pixels , If you have difficulty in making an image measuring 750 x 150 pixels, you can search for reference images on Google.
2. After that the picture size of 750 x 150 pixels is cut into 5 equal parts of 150 x 150 pixels, To cut it into 5 parts, you do not have to bother to cut it manually because there are already tools that can cut the image into equal parts. You can use PhotoScape. Screenshot:
Profile Banner in Google Plus
The image above is an example of shape would it be, if you wish, you can follow the steps below: 1. Go to Google Plus your Profile page.
2. Click on Edit Profile, and after that it will comes up as shown below.
Profile Banner in Google Plus
3. Click Add some photos here.
4. After that you have photos you’d cut into 5 parts ecara the front row of the image. If you’ve uploaded all press Ok.
Profile Banner in Google Plus
5. If you have click Done Editing.
Profile Banner in Google Plus
It’s finished profile banner you created. It is way to early rather complicated but then the outcome is also exciting. If the tutorial is less obvious maybe you could ask some advice and criticism to this website. Hope you enjoy and good luck

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