Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Create a poll on Google+

1. Create a Post with your poll question.

To begin, you create a post with your poll question and share it with whoever you like.

2. Disable Comments

At this point, I’d suggest disabling comments to make the poll choices more visible when they are added. This is not necessary, but recommended.

3. Add your poll choices in the Comments

Next, you add your poll choices as separate comments on your post and let the voting begin. Basically you will use +1′s as votes, and whichever choice with the most +1′s is the winner.

4. Conclude the polling with a Comment

When you want to end the poll, its a good idea to add one final comment and perhaps some additional information, like declaring a winner, and/or stating next steps based on the results. Here’s an example of a completed poll from +Mike Elgan.

Overall, this is a simple and effective polling method for Google+.


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